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King World's Best Hybrid Plush by Texan Mattress 14.5"

King World's Best Hybrid Plush by Texan Mattress 14.5"

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Quilted Snowstorm Cooling Fabric

Cool Release technology. Helps your body regulate  temperature and feel cool to the touch for better sleep

Graphite Cradle

Highly conductive graphite memory foam offers cool and supportive sleep with little to no motion transfer.

Ventilated Gel Memory Foam

Actively memorizes your body type, weight and shape for a personal & conforming fit without creating that sunk-in feeling.

Individually Wrapped Coil Base

660 supportive springs provide the ultimate in undisturbed sleep, while also helping you maintain healthy spinal alignment.

CertiPur Certified Foam

High-end high-density soy based foams

1.5 lb – 1.8 lb foams from the best foam suppliers in the nation

Tri-Zone Comfort Layer (see image)

The top and bottom thirds are slightly softer that the center third.

The center third is firmer to account for most of our weight placement

Available Sizes:

  • CAL KING 72 X 84 Inches
  • FULL 54 X 75 Inches
  • KING 76 X 80 Inches
  • QUEEN 60 X 80 Inches
  • TWIN 39 X 75 Inches
  • TWIN XL 39 X 80 Inches

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